Organic Nanostructures for Photothermal Ablation of Cancer

Texas State University team members have developed conductive-polymer based nanostructures that can be used as probes for photothermal ablation of cancer. These agents can induce cell ablation through the conversion of photoenergy into heat, and can therefore be used for laser-induced loc

Photochemical Strategies for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Group 11 metal nanoparticles (Au Ag and Cu NPs), bimetallic (AuAg core-shell and alloys NPs with varying composition) and anisotropic nanoparticles (Au nanorods of various aspect ratio) have been prepared using photochemically generated ketyl radicals. The system was also successfully

DíasNano 2014 en el Mall

On April 5, 2014 Wi(PR)2EM and the Science on Wheels Educational Center (SONW) organized and coordinated the NanoDays event at the Mayagüez Mall that we called in Spanish DíasNano 2014.  The Mayagüez Mall is the main shopping mall in western Puerto Rico.  This large event was a collaborat

Hybrid Graphene Oxide Can Capture and Identify Rare Cell Selectively

Cancer is known for more than three thousand years, but till in 21st century, it  causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide.

Nanotechnology Spin a Prize Game Show to for K12 Participants

NSF-JSU-UCSB PREM member conducted outreach activities at high school and initiate a Science Line program to help local science students in their mission of enhancing scientific literacy to wider audiences