Educational Activities

MRE-C recently helped developed a new materials course and a new website as well as co-taught an introduction to materials science course.

TSUFI PREM Visit to Illinois MRSEC in March 2022

In March 2022, 7 TSUFI PREM students (undergrad, MS, and PhD students) and co-PI Mu (TSU) visited the Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

Ferro-, Magneto-, and Opto-electronic Nanostructures and Devices

TSUFI PREM consists two Research Thrust Areas, which include the establishment of design rules for polymeric microparticle synthesis with electrospray technique to control particle sizes, size distribution, porosity, surface morphology, and core-shell structures.

Materials Development & Spectroscopy of Pr doped CsPbCl3 perovskite for IR Photonics

Research activities during Year 4 of this PREM project were focused on additional purification studies and bulk crystal growth experiments of Pr doped CsPbCl3 (Pr: CPC) perovskites.

Development of Metal-ion Mediated Visible-Light Responsive Metallogels and Supramolecular Host-Guest Hydrogels

Researchers at Hampton University have designed and synthesized arylazopyrazole (AAPs) derived molecular photoswitches.

Collaborative Research and Education in Energy Materials (CREEM)

In this work, the influence of substrate-induced strain on the electrocatalytic properties of nickel oxide (NiO) films toward the hydrogen evolution reaction is studied.

Integration of a Novel Biomembrane into a Lung-on-a-Chip Microfluidic Test-Platform

The Lung-on-a-Chip team developed a fabrication method to produce a porous silicon biomembrane that mimics the functionality of the human interstitial space that separates the alveolar and the capillary cells.

Collaborative Materials Characterization

PEAQS has successfully leveraged the new laboratory space allocated to the project during years 1 and 2 to begin a successful program in single crystal growth of quantum materials.

MRS Fall PREM Scholars Program

The MRS-PREM Research Scholars Summit paired more than 30 graduate students and postdocs mentors from MRSECs and STCs with 60 students from PREM Minority Serving Institutions through the MRS Fall meeting.

Building a sample platform for live cell imaging

The Lung-on-a-Chip team at Fort Lewis College has developed a functional, synthetic membrane that mimics the structural and mechanical properties of the barrier between alveolar cells and capillary cells where gas exchange occurs in the lungs.