Name Contact Institution Twitter Career Stage Self-Identification Gender Subfield Keywords
Claribel Acevedo Velez Contact University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez pre-tenure Hispanic/Latinx female Colloid and interface science, surfactant science
Eray Aydil Contact New York University eray_aydil post-tenure White male Electronic and Optoelectronic materials, Solar Cells, Photovoltaics, Thin Films, Energy Materials, Perovskites, Plasma etching, plasma deposition, plasma synthesis, plasma diagnostics, colloidal synthesis
Arturo Ayon Contact The University of Texas at San Antonio post-tenure Hispanic/Latinx male Nanotechnology, Quantum Dots
Tania Betancourt Contact Texas State University post-tenure Hispanic/Latinx female Polymeric biomaterials, stimuli-responsive biomaterials, hydrogels, nanomedicines, polymers, photothermal nanomaterials.
David Blake Contact Fort Lewis College FLCFAR post-tenure Other Race male
Nelson Cardona Martínez Contact University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez post-tenure Hispanic/Latinx male Catalysis, sustainability, renewable products
Michael Chabinyc Contact University of California Santa Barbara post-tenure organic electronics, polymers, hybrid organic inorganic perovskites, X-ray scattering, thin films
Jorge Colón Contact University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras JorgeColon post-tenure Hispanic/Latinx male Artificial photosynthesis, water splitting, OER electrocatalysis, amperometric biosensors, drug delivery with nanoparticles, zirconium phosphate layered materials
Qilin Dai Contact Jackson State University pre-tenure Asian male onto-electronic devices, Photovoltaic devices, nanoparticles, photodetectors. solar cells
Tamara Floyd-Smith Contact Tuskegee University tfsmith45 post-tenure Black female nanotechnology, microfluidics, K-12 STEM outreach, education, sensors, films, particulates
Bhoj Gautam Contact Fayetteville State University pre-tenure Asian male Perovskite Nanostructures, Conjugated Polymers, 2D Materials
AnneLynn GILLIAN-DANIEL Contact University of Wisconsin-Madison UWMRSEC post-doctoral Other Race female mentoring, science communication, improvisation, outreach, education, materials science
David Grier Contact New York University post-tenure Other Race male Experimental soft condensed matter physics; Holographic optical trapping; Holographic video microscopy; Colloid science; Statistical physics; Tractor beams; Holographic particle characterization; K-12 STEM outreach; Industrial outreach
Shubo Han Contact Fayetteville State University post-doctoral Asian male nanomaterials based Sensor, Biosensor, AFM, Analytical Chemistry
Jorge Nicolás Hernández Charpak Contact University of Colorado Boulder nicoherchar staff Hispanic/Latinx Multi-racial male Nano Science, Ultrafast Science, Imaging Science, Science Policy
Melissa Hines Contact Cornell University post-tenure female
Kathryn Hollar Contact Harvard University staff female summer undergraduate research, mentoring, K-12 STEM outreach, engineering education
Mahesh Hosur Contact Texas A&M University-Kingsville post-tenure Asian male Nanocomposites, High Performance Composites, Thermoset Polymers, Experimental Characterization, Nondestructive Evaluation, Engineering Education, Mentoring
Godwin Ifere Contact Navajo Technical University, Crownpoint, NM post-tenure Black male microfluidics, membrane biophysics, sterols
Daryush ILA Contact Fayetteville State University post-tenure Other Race male Surface and Interface at Nanoscale, Ion matter interaction, Thermoelectric properties nanoscale materials
Jeff Jessing Contact Fort Lewis College pre-tenure White male Porous silicon, Nanostructuring, Organs-on-Chips, Biomembranes, Vacuum microelectronics, Nano fabrication and device integration.
Nicholas Kioussis Contact Calfornia State University Northridge post-tenure White male electronic structure; spintronics; topological phases of matter
Rebecca Lai Contact University of Nebraska-Lincoln post-tenure Asian female biosensors, electrochemistry, biointerfaces, science communication, education and outreach
Yiyan Li Contact Fort Lewis College pre-tenure Asian male Integrated Circuit Design, Microfluidics, Optics, Embedded Systems
Mark Licurse Contact post-doctoral male materials science, outreach, education
Timothy Lodge Contact University of Minnesota post-tenure Other Race male polymers
Vilmalí López-Mejías Contact University of Puerto Rico pre-tenure Hispanic/Latinx female Crystallization, polymorphs, formulation, surface chemistry, polymer chemistry, X-ray diffraction
Gang Lu Contact California State University Northridge post-tenure Asian male Computational Materials Science, Materials for energy conversion and storage; 2D materials
Zhiping Luo Contact Fayetteville State University post-doctoral Asian male Nanomaterials, chemical property, physical property, luminescence, electron microscopy
Jaimee McCullough Contact Fort Lewis College peaqs2 staff White female PEAQS PREM (Fort Lewis College, Norfolk State University, and STROBE) Administrative personnel.
Yomaira Pagan Torres Contact University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez pre-tenure Hispanic/Latinx female Heterogeneous catalysis, biomass conversion, carbon dioxide conversion, catalyst synthesis and characterization
Ratnakar Palai Contact University of Puerto Rico post-tenure Asian male Thin film growth (MBE, PLD, ALD, Sputtering), Multiferroics, Magnetism, spin glass, spintronics, superconductivity, ferroelectrics, III-Nitride semiconductors, Electronic, Photonic, and Magnetic materials.
Oscar Perales-Perez Contact University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez post-tenure Hispanic/Latinx male Nanomaterials Processing, Nanomedicina, Environmental Nanotechnology, Multifunctional Nanomaterials, Recycling,Magnetic Nanomaterials, Quantum Dots, Nansoze Alloys and Metals
Nihar Pradhan Contact Jackson State University pre-tenure Asian male Optoelectronic Properties of 2D Materials, Magnetic materials, Low temperature electronic transport
Vijay K. Rangari Contact Tuskegee University post-tenure Asian male Polymer nanocomposites, Multiferroic nanomaterials, Low temperature plasma, Synthesis of nanoparticles from waste resources, Food packaging, and Microscopy
Paresh C. Ray Contact Jackson State University post-tenure Asian male 2D and 3D material, plasmonic nanoparticle, SERS, Two photon spectroscopy, nano-bio technology.
Daniel Reich Contact Johns Hopkins University post-tenure male
Mitk'El Santiago Contact Universidad Ana G. Méndez MitkElBSantiago post-tenure Hispanic/Latinx male Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectroscopy, amperometric sensors, fuel cells, solar cells
Shawn Sendlinger Contact North Carolina Central University post-tenure Other Race male Inorganic Chemistry
Torsten Stelzer Contact University of Puerto Rico pre-tenure Crystallization, polymorphism, formulation, nucleation, crystal growth
Anderson Sunda-Meya Contact Xavier University of Louisiana post-tenure Black male Biophysics, Thin Films, Nanostructures
Yongan Tang Contact North Carolina Central University pre-tenure Asian male
Tatiana Timofeeva Contact New Mexico Highlands University post-tenure female Structural studies of electronic and photonic materials, synthesis of MOFs, nanomaterials
Kizhanipuram Vinodgopal Contact North Carolina Central University post-doctoral Asian male Graphene and 2D materials
Marvin Wu Contact North Carolina Central University post-tenure Asian male Nanoscale (2D, hybrid 0D/2D and 1D/2D) materials for energy applications; ultrafast optical microscopy, time-resolved photoconductivity
Fei Yan Contact North Carolina Central University post-tenure Asian male Chemical and biological sensors; nanoplasmonics; 2D layered materials and their derivatives
Xu Zhang Contact California State University Northridge pre-tenure Asian male Computational materials science; first-principles method; photovoltaics; catalysis