Educational Activities

Co-development of New Materials Course:

•A new materials course titled “Research and Experiment Design” was co-developed by Co-PI Brown (UH) and Prof. Lilo Pozzo (UW).
• The course is targeted to be offered annually at UH starting Fall 2022 semester, with guest lectures from UW faculty.
•The course will initially use a “special topics” course number, ME491, to test the course content. Later, a course number request will be filed in order to add this course to the curriculum.
•Advance registration filled the course enrollment: 14 students are currently registered for the course.

MRE-C Website

•A new PREM website with educational content was developed.
•The site includes basic content on materials science.
•Provides background educational information on research thrusts.

MRE-C Faculty Co-teaching: Introduction to Materials Science (ME331)

•Three MRE-C faculty co-taught  ME331 materials course in Spring 2022 semester.
•ME331 class announcements on the PREM research opportunities resulted in direct recruitment of 2 female students into PREM research thrusts.