Lymari Fuentes-Claudio

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Universidad Metropolitana

Lymari Fuentes-Claudio is a Chemistry professor and researcher at Universidad Ana G. Mendez, Cupey campus (formerly Universidad Metropolitana) in Puerto Rico.

She received a PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus, where she studied the properties and dynamics of immobilized proteins. Her graduate studies sparked her interest in materials and the large scope of possibilities that well-structured designed materials can provide.

Dr. Fuentes-Claudio’s research projects focus on the synthesis and characterization of materials using soft biotemplates for applications such as solar energy harvesting using dye sensitized solar cells. She is the cofounder of Paladar Científico, a monthly seminar for scientific discussions among undergraduate students and faculty in an informal environment.  She also participated in a project granted by the US Department of Education to improve college experience and retention of STEM students. She was invited by the AAAS to attend the 2015 Gender Summit 7 at Berlin and co-organized a panel to discuss gender issues in research at the 2016 Pacific Science Congress. In 2016, she created Un café Conmigo, a monthly meeting for the discussion of issues affecting the participation of women in science.

At this moment she is the leader of the outreach component of the CiE2M PREM project awarded to support the collaborative efforts between CHESS and partnering institutions in Puerto Rico.