Collaborative Research and Education in Energy Materials (CREEM)

Collaborative Research and Education in Energy Materials (CREEM), is a NSF funded Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) Seed Grant funding collaboration between Cornell and North Carolina A&T researchers. This PREM, led by Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at NC A&T, will develop low-dimensional titanium oxynitride-based materials capable of supporting energy conversion reactions. 

Using materials of incredibly small dimensions (i.e., nanometer width, height, or length), researchers will develop ways to split water into oxygen and hydrogen for use in fuel cells and to use solar light in the full spectrum range to convert the sun’s energy into usable electrical energy. 

 The CREEM team will also focus on broadening the participation of underrepresented African American students in graduate education leading to terminal degrees by engaging K-16 students in innovative materials research, education, and outreach programs. 

Jane Doe

Research Scientist, California State University

Hans Hanley

Electrical Engineering, Princeton University