MRS F13 PREM Undergraduate Student Program presented by MRS Diversity SC

Event Description

Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) Event
at MRS 2013 Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, December 1-6, 2013


MRS F13 PREM Undergraduate Student Program presented by MRS Diversity SC

The mission of this program is to develop a diverse community of graduate students who are engaged in materials research and will have the knowledge and skills to become leaders and innovators.

Our mission is based on the assertion that diverse talent can be developed through effective mentoring, preparation, and network building through positive involvement in organizations that promote materials research such as MRS.

In this program we propose to invite a cohort of PREM undergraduate scholars who will engage their peers, materials researchers—from graduate students to PhD-level scientists and engineers—and other stakeholders in the materials research community at the 2013 Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society.   The program will provide professional and leadership development, and networking opportunities for the students from the PREM attending the program. They will be able to present their research in a special poster session. In addition, they will be invited to join the MRS Mentoring Program. The program will also highlight the importance of excellence, integrity, and service in the interest of society as guiding principles in science and engineering careers.

The program will include:

  • Poster design Workshop specifically for undergraduate students delivered by Tim Miller, followed by a poster critique and prizes the following day
  • A motivational talk by a prominent underrepresented minority scientist
  • Interactive activities that will promote direct one-on-one engagement between the PREM scholar and senior scientists in attendance at the Meeting
  • PREM students will also be encouraged to attend existing technical and professional development sessions, the Career Center, the Public Outreach Center, and the Materials Voice Booth at the MRS Meeting

Program goals:

  • To bring PREM students to the MRS Fall and Spring Meetings with a special session for presentations of their undergraduate research through a poster
  • To present prizes in recognition of the most outstanding undergraduate research among the PREM groups
  • To connect PREM students to graduate students participating in the MRS Graduate Student Mentoring Program via a mentoring relationship (extension of the existing program)
  • To nurture a peer network of diverse, undergraduate materials researchers
  • To engage PREM students in the wide range of activities and events that are hallmarks of MRS meetings