CCNY PREM Fall recruitment weekend

Event Description

In collaboration with an NSF-supported CREST program, a focal event in the CCNY PREM will be our Fall 2010 recruitment weekend scheduled to take place the weekend of October 15 – 17, 2010. We will bring a targeted group of undergraduate science and engineering students to New York to learn about CCNY materials science research and graduate studies in STEM disciplines. We hope to have some of these students join the program, but our broader goal is to expand the pipeline and increase diversity in materials science.  The program will do this by making students aware of opportunities and encouraging them toward graduate study as an avenue to the most productive and interesting careers.  The conference is a 3 day series of scientific panel discussions, lectures from prominent scientist in the STEM fields, graduate study and careers education workshops,  application assistance,  and financial support information sessions.  Invitation of qualified undergraduate seniors and juniors is by nomination from faculty advisor.   Faculty advisers nominate students and are invited to attend the conference as well. Faculty take part in panel discussions with a diverse audience of graduate and undergraduate students from STEM fields. Excellent opportunity for networking and recruiting as many MRSECs, PREMs, and REUs will be in attendance.