Gold Nanoparticle Based FRET Asssay for Detection of DNA Cleavage

This represents the first nanoparticle-based fluorescence assay for probing single-strand DNA nuclease activity. Our simple assay with extremely high sensitivity will make it widely applicable and highly useful for convenient characterization of DNA/RNA cleavage reactions Given the simplic

Magnetic Bead Assays

Certain antibiotics bind to specific receptors on bacterial cell walls blocking further growth and eventually leading to the bacterial death. Dr. Menake Piyasena (PREM Post-doc fellow) at CSULA has demonstrated a bead-based technique on a microfluidic format that can be used to monitor ba

Molecules that Like Each Other

Scientists who understand the nature of a stabilizing force between molecules, or between parts of the same molecule, can incorporate this force systematically into the design of new materials. This molecular engineering can result in unique and beneficial stability or functionality. The