Ferro-, Magneto-, and Opto-electronic Nanostructures and Devices

TSUFI PREM consists two Research Thrust Areas:

Thrust I: Low-dimensional (NFs and films) polymeric materials synthesis and characterization Highlights:

1. Establishment of design rules for polymeric microparticle synthesis with electrospray technique to control particle sizes, size distribution, porosity, surface morphology, and core-shell structures.

2. Development of versatile electrospinning deposition technique to control fiber size, uniformity, and orientations to achieve structure-by-design and function-by-design, i.e., individual fibers, parallel fibers, in 3D.

Thrust II:

1. Perform molecular modeling of polymer nanocomposites to obtain structure-composition-property relationship relating mechanical and piezoelectric properties with polymer and dopant concentrations and structures

2. Structural and material design for a tensegrity based sensor using polymer nanocomposite which can simultaneously achieve high sensitivity and high stretchability