TSUFI PREM Visit to Illinois MRSEC in March 2022

In March 2022, 7 TSUFI PREM students (undergrad, MS, and PhD students) and co-PI Mu (TSU) visited the Illinois Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. A full day of collaborative activities included:

1. Research training on preparation and study of PDMS materials with van der Zande and several of his students

2. Tour of Materials Research Lab shared facilities, including I-MRSEC facilities, to learn about tools available for studies.

3. Tour of the Campus Cluster, used for computational work.

4. Lunch, dinner, and a special coffee hour to foster connections with UIUC PREM participants, including many faculty.

The interactions provided opportunities to discuss PREM research and education initiatives. One of the visitors, an MS student, will return to UIUC to spend summer 2022 to conduct research with MRSEC faculty.