Materials Development & Spectroscopy of Pr doped CsPbCl3 perovskite for IR Photonics

Research activities during Year 4 of this PREM project were focused on additional purification studies and bulk crystal growth experiments of Pr doped CsPbCl3 (Pr: CPC) perovskites. For synthesis of Pr: CPC, commercially available starting materials were purified through normal freezing and zone-refinment methods. Bulk crystal growth experiments were performed using a vertical Bridgman station employing a temperature controlled two-zone furnace. The resulting crystals were optically characterized for their IR transmission and infrared emission properties under optical excitation. Three separate IR emission bands were observed centered at ~1650nm, ~2400nm, and ~4500nm. This work has demonstrated that it is possible to functionalize CsPbCl3 perovksites for applications in IR photonics ranging from optical communications, to mid-IR light sources, and IR sensing).