Christen Robinson

PhD Candidate, Chemistry

Christen Robinson is a vastly creative mind and accomplished researcher within physical and inorganic chemistry, materials science, and engineering. Specializing in nanotechnology, Robinson holds a BSc (with honors) and MSc in Chemistry and is currently a doctoral candidate in Chemistry at Jackson State University. His research experiences reside within design of cancer diagnostics and therapies (6 years), with additional experience in cryogenic, aerospace, and mechanical engineering (10+ years). Possessing excellent managerial and communication skills, he has worked in numerous settings—academia (secondary education; student-research), clinical, and local and national government. 

With strength in development, project design, and theorizing, Robinson is fluent in teamwork, including problem-solving, people management, strategic planning, and conflict-resolution. 

Interests and Future Goals

Robinson's personal interests include cooking, working out, poetry, spoken word, art, general research and learning about the world, cars, fashion, anime, and music— jazz, soul, R&B, classic rock, pop, house, techno, electronic, rap, country. He also plays drums and is a classically trained musician on trumpet (18 years), in addition music production (15 years) and rapping/songwriting (15 years)

Robinson hopes to work for the government within nanotechnology and materials as a researcher and developer. Within a decade of having received his doctorate, to be a travelling guest lecturer, independent researcher and developer with his own consulting firm and LLC while continuing his pursuits within music. Lastly, he also plans to be a restauranteur, using chemistry as a focus behind developing massive harmonious flavors and music for an enjoyable and diverse atmosphere!

Impact of PREM

"Since my time in PREM, I've been able to experience places, people, partnerships, and science in ways uncommon and unknown for most undergraduates. I've been able to have a more global approach to life and science, be engrossed at the precipice of discovery. I'm thankful for the growth for creativity and achievement, and the support that PREM placed behind it!"