SMaRT QD aims to build from machine learning studies using the MGI approach in the ‘bottom-up’ assembly of building blocks to design with specific composition, morphology, and structural properties to hierarchical systems and controlling such systems; thereby facilitating the manipulation of properties through structure-function. SMaRT QD Interdisciplinary Research Thrust (IRT) projects are all focused on the integration of experimental, theoretical and computational approaches in the design of materials, extension of the MGI database, as well as the development of advanced characterization techniques to probe structure-function. IRT 1 ‘Predictive & Modular Design in Soft Matter’ is focused on soft matter incorporating the MGI approach to inform the synthesis of soft materials with ‘tunable properties.’

IRT2 ‘Rational Design and Characterization of Optoelectronic Materials’ is specifically focused on the rational design, synthesis, and characterization of nanoscale quantum confinement designed materials to enable new optoelectronic functionality. The SMaRT QD pathway intricately links the integration of research and education through partnering exchange mechanisms involving innovative undergraduate & graduate research and mentoring, training, and outreach. 

Jane Doe

Research Scientist, California State University

Hans Hanley

Electrical Engineering, Princeton University